Peter Thorwarth


Peter Thorwarth, born on June 3rd 1971 in Dortmund, Germany, grew up in Unna on the edge of the Ruhr area. Already as a teenager, he made short horror films with friends on a Super-8.

In 1994 Thorwarth signed up at the HFF as a student for film direction. During his studies he completed the 15-minute short film “Was nicht passt, wird passend gemacht” (What does not fit will be made to fit) (1996), which was nominated in 1997 for the student Oscar and the German Short Film Award.

His film debut was in 1998, a comedy called “Bang Boom Bang”, which he filmed in his home town of Unna. The critics and audience successfully acclaimed film was also the first part of Thorwarths so-called “Unna trilogy”.

He also directed several commercials and music clips, one of which was the clip for the Toten Hosen “Kein Alkohol ist auch keine Lösung” (No alcohol is also no solution), for which he won the 2002 “Comet” Media Award.

In 2005 followed the comedy “Goldene Zeiten,” (Golden Times) which concluded his “Unna Trilogy”. As an actor Thorwarth also played in the buddy comedy “Video Kings” with Fabian Busch and Wotan Wilke Möhring. Together with Dennis Gansel Thorwarth also wrote the screenplay for the successful youth drama “Die Welle” (The Wave), after the short story by William Ron Jones.

Beginning of 2014 another film of Thorwarth as a director appeared: The comedy “Nicht mein Tag” (Not my day) with Axel Stein and Moritz Bleibtreu tells the story of a staid bank manager, whose life is thrown into turmoil when a gangster takes him hostage.

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