Rafael Kent


Rafael Kent is an 80’s guy and he never thought he could be a director one day. He was born in Rio de Janeiro and then moved to Salvador, Bahia. He grew up with the Brazilian tropical reality and a lot of cultural expressions right in front of his eyes. He did a lot of different things in his life – from being a basketball champion to musician in a percussion band until producer for a bunch of rock bands. He thinks all the things that we do in our life make us more sensible to tell stories.

He started to study tourism and left that behind him to get a university degree in graphic design. After moving to São Paulo, he started taking band pictures as a still photographer and switched to moving picture when he bought his first DSLR 5D. After that he started to shoot tons of music videos and became one of the most popular Brazilian directors for music videos.

In 2015 Rafael decided to work as a commercial director and went on to win his first Cannes Lion with his film for NESCAU/NESTLÉ – Strong Girls in 2017.

Rafael loves to work in many different genres such as documentary, storytelling, comedy and more – all of this with his own style, as he likes to say “RAW”.

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