Diorskin - Forever
Vogue Portugal - A New Beginning
Maison L'Oréal - 11.11 (DC)
Clarins - Activation
Dior - Montaigne (DC)
Dior - Diorskin Forever
Nivea - Haarmilch
Garnier - Olia
SHU UEMURA - Ultime8 (DC)
L'Oréal Professional - Inoa (DC)
L'Oréal Professional - Inoa Natural Colors (DC)

Christophe Chudy

Already as a student, Christophe started producing and directing short films. After graduating, he participated in the foundation of a post-production studio, where he developed his skills in editing and graphics. In 2007 he decided to focus on his true passion: directing commercials and corporate films.

Through the puristic and minimalist aesthetics, Christophe seeks the sensuality and the association of ideas, to approach people. Christophe has always been interested in music and today it’s intimately united to his work. That’s why he possesses his own label to compose the music of his films. Meanwhile, he has started a career as a photographer. Christophe Chudy lives in Paris.

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