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Eric Yealland

Eric Yealland is an internationally recognized, multiple gold award-winning director who has helmed top dry comedy campaigns for many of the world’s most prestigious international clients including Sprite, Budweiser, IKEA, Coors Light, Ford, Toyota, eBay and Coca-Cola. He has directed around the world, in multiple languages and formats.

Most recently he won a Cannes Lion Film Bronze for a daring National Advertising Awards spot with DraftFCB Toronto.

Yealland calls himself “an actor’s director” and his work tends to be economical and performance-driven. His recent spot for eBay, for example, is a single set-up: a postal worker phones a woman about a vibrating package that he suspects contains an adult product. (It’s a cellphone.)

Yealland began directing music videos in his early twenties and signed his first commercial contract, with Partners, Toronto, when he was just 23. He went onto direct more than 250 commercials.

Besides the Cannes Lion, Yealland has won numerous awards for his work. His campaign for Canada’s Metro newspaper and Rethink Communications won four Lotus Awards and an Applied Arts Magazine Award for Best Campaign.

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