Barilla - Master of Pasta (DC)
Nike - Shalane
Maryland Lottery (DC)
Ebay - Wheel of fortune
LA 24 - Olympic Bid
Gatorade - Made for this (DC)

Hoffmann Brothers

The award-winning directors duo Hoffmann Brothers consists of Mark and Matt Hoffman. Their experience as directors, writers, and producers goes waaaay back – the ‘90s, to be exact. They are based in LA, however, shooting commercials has brought them to places all over the world. Combining comedy and sports is what they stand for and guiding world-class athletes through difficult scripts is where they thrive. Hence, some of the world’s most iconic agencies and brands call on them, including Nike, Toyota, ESPN, Snapchat, and the NBA.

They believe in championing equity to provide the best creative and experience to clients.... and most importantly being nice is paramount to them. They take pride in their commitment to the magic of collaboration and sharing the joy of their craft.