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Patrik Bergh

Swedish born and London based, Patrik Bergh is an award-winning director, who has achieved success in both commercials and short films. His commercial work includes high profile work for clients such as Google, VW, Nissan, Honda and Axe to name a few.

His short film work includes Véronique, a 5 minute short starring a young hitherto unknown James Buckley (from The Inbetweeners), which saw great success winning the Film 4 Award, and paved the way into directing commercials.

Amongst other things, he directed eight 4-minute films for GOOGLE that showcases the company’s vision for the future. Shot in Los Angeles and New York the films are narrative driven and rely heavily on performances.

Bergh’s passion for performance led commercial and film work has been strengthened through his previous training as an actor, bringing him an essential understanding of the acting process.

Patrik says that one of his most memorable shoots was the 20min innovative road movie “Exit”, commissioned by Nissan through the ad agency TBWA. This film was shot in the US and was featured on the Box Set of the popular TV series ’24′.

Patrik has won industry acclaim for his work, including a Gold at the London Craft Awards, Gold at The Black Pearl Awards, Silver at the Creative Circle Awards and Silver at the Midsummer Advertising Awards.

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