Huggies - Anthem
Pão de Açúcar - I Can See Clearly Now
Bradesco - Bia
Mercedes Benz - Caminhões
Nestlé - Because you loved me
Mercedes Benz - Rebel

Raphael Gasparini

Gasparini, is a director who seeks the balance between a sensitive narrative and a great aesthetic appeal. A storyteller with a minimalist and sensory point of view. Regardless of the platform, he’s believes the conception of any movie comes from the creative potential and power of storytelling. His creative development is the result of your deep dive into films in search of an authentic and unique naturalistic atmosphere of feelings and emotion. He often engages in a film with creative energy to bring a sensitive and clear look with the goal of embracing the audience.

In that way, the viewer can connect with and identifies with the story. He works with the actors in search of spontaneity in their acting which he’s believes is the soul of the performance. For him, each movie is unique, a chance to do something amazing, build meaning and tell a beautiful story.

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