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Eurobet (DC)
For Me
Michelin - Primacy 4
The Rarest Ones
Dalani - Love Your Home (DC)


“Saku” (Roberto Cinardi) was born in 1981 in Rome. While getting his film degree, Saku was spending more time playing his bass guitar in a punk rock band. In 2007 his video “Fashion Kills Romance” launched his directing career, resulting in 90 music videos in just 3 years. His style has evolved covering so many genres: Visuals, Suspense/Horror, Documentary, Storytelling, Action, Landscape, Slow Motion / Time-Lapse, Comedy, Vignettes, Teens, Choreography, Landscapes, Extreme Sports, CGI / Compositing & Fashion. Several awards later, Saku has recently expanded to work already in the US, UK, Mexico, Spain, Russia, Thailand… Saku still plays his bass, shoots hoops, and is writing his first feature, as Sci-Fi thriller you won’t want your kids to watch.

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