ŠKODA Soleil - Licht
Adidas - Alfred
Asics - It's A Tough Game - Go Smash It
Dacia - Freedom
ORA "Family Gathering"
Porsche - Cayman
Telekom - Don't Stop


Widely considered one of Europe’s brightest directors, Thor is the creative force behind innovative award-winning ad campaigns for such international brands like NIKE, Asics, Philips, Sony, McDonald’s, Vodafone, Axe, T-MOBILE, Peugeot or Coca-Cola. Having gotten his start while still a teenager assisting American directors shooting in Europe, Thor burst onto the scene in 2002 when his short film “Autograph” took the silver and the audience award at the Nike Young Directors Awards. A year later he was included in the prestigious Saatchi New Directors Showcase at Cannes. Since then he has won various awards at film festivals such as Epica, Clio, Cannes Lions and Eurobest among others.

In terms of style, Thor’s work defies simple categorization, but much of it involves character-driven stories, sometimes told through breathtaking action. His approach towards direction is heavily influenced by the years in production. “I learned how to treat people. Filmmaking for me is a giant team effort and a director needs to inspire the team to give its best at all times. I love my job and want those around me to have a good time on set.”

Thor lives in Milan with his wife and three kids. And no, he doesn’t carry a hammer.

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